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My Profile is a microsite linked to GETbizz and is intended to serve the personal account of your clients. In other words, My Profile allows your brand to quickly make personal accounts available to your customers. Integrated with all your online and offline data sources connected to GETbizz, your brand customers can manage now their data and communication's consents (GDPR compliance) at a single click. My Profile can be your next big tool to engage more and reward your best clients. And it can be as big and attractive as you wish. Not to mention that by being completely integrated with GETbizz, My Profile saves a lot of resources. Do you want save time & money, while you boost your customer complicity? My Profile is the solution!

My Profile, a GETbizz Addon that provides a personal area for your customers

My Profile is multifunctional and the perfect interface between your brand and your customer. It is the ideal place to interact with your audiences.
Give your customer a voice and interact directly with him. He'll love to collaborate with you!


In My Profile, your customer can:

Update and complete their personal information. The "Profile" area from My Profile saves all data generated by your customer from the different touchpoints (e.g. name, preferred name for communication, birthdate, address, email contacts, mobile contacts,…) and he can updated them at any time. Each time this happens, GETbizz will receive this new information and distribute it at once through your Points of Sale.
Manage their communication's consents. Without a communication consent, the brand cannot communicate with the consumer. This implies a substantial loss of the brand engagement capacity! So why not highlight an area where your customer can, quickly and without friction, define their interests? Everyone wins: the customer because he feels that his actions are valued, and the brand because it communicates and spends resources only with those who are really interested.
Exercising the data portability right. The personal data of your customers belongs to your customers. If they trust, they can share it with you. This is the key point in the law on data portability. How does this work? In My Profile, your customer will have an area where he can require the data portability, and as a result an excel file with all of his personal data will be downloaded.
Exercising the right to be forgotten. The right to be forgotten is nothing less than erase your customer data from your system. How does this work in My Profile? Your customer will have an area completely dedicated to this function, where he can request to be forgotten. A notification email will be displayed to the customer, informing that he have 48 hours to change their decision. At the end of this time, if nothing change, the data of this consumer will be encrypted and inaccessible to all.
Access to any content defined by your brand. My Profile is much more with the extension of other vital areas to your brand: e.g. billing info, orders summary, exclusive marketing campaigns, event invitations, contests & games. With My Profile your brand is able to create another communication channel to bring more engagement from your customers, while a full omnichannel experience is given to them. And the more attractions you can generate in this microsite, more encouraged your customers will be to visit their personal area and keep their data updated!
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