GETbizz FAQs

Find out more about how the features of GETbizz offer powerful tools to meet your brand's needs. Below are the answers to the frequently asked questions, so you know what to expect as soon as you start using GETbizz.

General Topics

What is GETbizz?

ANSWER: It is the Omnichannel Platform created to simplify your brand's personalized communication processes.

Is there a minimum contract period?

ANSWER: There is no minimum period. When you start you will realize why.

Can I add users to my account?

ANSWER: Yes, at any time you can add other users to your account as well as associate different roles and access for each one of them.

Can I be completely autonomous using GETbizz?

ANSWER: Yes. That's why we created GETbizz!

What if I have questions while using the platform?

ANSWER: Our team will be able to answer all of your questions.

Do I have a limited number of contacts in GETbizz?

ANSWER: There are no limits to your marketing database.

Is GETbizz compliant with the GDPR?

ANSWER: Yes, it is. With GETbizz you don't even need to know the GDPR rules, because GETbizz knows what can and cannot be done when sending campaigns. GETbizz is totally compliant with the GDPR.

Can I use consulting services in addition to the use of GETbizz?

ANSWER: Yes, One to One can provide consulting services for your brand in order to build a customer relationship strategy.

Can a GETbizz account be associated with more than one company?

ANSWER: A GETbizz account is associated to a single brand. If your company has multiple brands, each brand will have his own account and the company will have a vision of all brands.

How do I contact the support?

ANSWER: Through whichever channel you prefer: either through GETbizz itself, by email or by phone. See contacts.

Can I have different user profiles on my GETbizz?

ANSWER: Yes, for different roles you can have different types of users (ex: Agencies, Printing Houses, etc.).

Do I need training to use GETbizz?

ANSWER: Just 1 hour or 2 (even at a distance) to present you your GETbizz, and you will be able to use the platform. Anyone can easily understand and interact with GETbizz without any training.

What is the estimated time for implementing the solution?

ANSWER: The implementation time for GETbizz will depend on the complexity and response times on the client side. It can start with one week or extend for 2 to 3 months. Your business and your organization complexity will determine it.

How does GETbizz help with retaining my customers?

ANSWER: Because it allows you to communicate easy and quickly. And the better you communicate, the more business you will generate.

About database features

What operations can I expect GETbizz to do in my database?

ANSWER: GETbizz will normalize, hygienize, clean and deduplicate your marketing database.

How do I upload customer and sales information to GETbizz?

ANSWER: Either manually (directly in the platform) or automatically (via FTP, APIs, etc.).

What does GETbizz database do for my business?

ANSWER: Treat information so it is ready for you to use in your communications.

What kind of information does GETbizz handle?

ANSWER: GETbizz treats personal data (name, gender, date of birth etc.), email, mobile phone, address etc.

What are valid contacts for GETbizz?

ANSWER: They are mobile phones, emails or others that are effectively active.

What are preferential contacts for GETbizz?

ANSWER: If there is more than one contact (per channel) for a given client, GETbizz only sends to the preferential one, which is the most recent and valid contact.

About campaigns features

What are the communication channels in GETbizz?

ANSWER: GETbizz integrates Email, SMS, Push Notifications and Direct Mail.

What is a blast campaign?

ANSWER: It's a one-off campaign.

What is a lifecycle campaign?

ANSWER: It's an automated campaign that is triggered according to a certain workflow.

What is a 1by1 campaign?

ANSWER: It's a predefined message sent from a brand unit (Shop, Hotel, Workstation etc.) to a given customer and signed by that unit.

What is a profile campaign?

ANSWER: Organic campaigns sent from GETbizz to your brand's Profile Center. Without any cost and super personalized.

Can I set up a single campaign and send it through more than one communication channel?

ANSWER: Of course! With GETbizz a campaign can be built with multiple channels.

What are channel priorities?

ANSWER: When you create a multiple channel campaign and want your customer to receive it through only one channel, you can create a channel hierarchy to be respected when sending it.

What are competing channels?

ANSWER: Channels in competition are used when you want to send a campaign to all customers and by all valid channels. This means that customers will receive the same communication over multiple channels.

What options do I have to create an email design?

ANSWER: With GETbizz you have a Drag & Drop editor for easy and fast design building and an HTML editor for technicians. In addition, a text version of the email is also available.

Can I limit the delivery time for my campaigns?

ANSWER: Yes, your campaigns may follow predefined windows to send campaigns.

Can I associate campaigns to a certain categories and subcategories of my business?

ANSWER: Yes! And this will allow a more accurate analysis of your results.

Can I build a campaign with a Control Group?

ANSWER: Yes. For each campaign you can ask GETbizz to reserve a Control Group (10% of your target will be captivated).

Why do I save resources when sending SMS's with GETbizz?

ANSWER: Because GETbizz records whether or not the SMS campaign has been delivered and if not, why. After 3 failed delivery attempts, the mobile phone number is treated as invalid, and no longer will be considered as available to a campaign target.

Why do I save resources when sending Emails with GETbizz?

ANSWER: Because GETbizz has an email validation system to minimize sends to non-existent or invalid emails. Emails categorized like these, will no longer be considered available for a campaign target.

About reports features

Does GETbizz allow automated ROI calculation for my campaigns?

ANSWER: Yes! With GETbizz, ROI always keeps up with your campaigns!

Why will the GETbizz ROI help me to sell more?

ANSWER: Because it's calculated in real time and allows you to adjust your campaigns, since the day you first send it.

Why is the GETbizz ROI effective?

ANSWER: Because the GETbizz ROI is calculated based on sales (not by campaigns opening rates).

What data can I get from the different Campaign Reports?

ANSWER: The size of the target the campaign was delivered to, the customers who opened it, the ones who clicked... all the statistics essential to see if the campaign went well. 

What data can I get from the different Database Reports?

ANSWER: Any indicator from your marketing database can be included in the reports, in order for you to evaluate your business.
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